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Technical University of Munich

With more than 600 professors, around 11,000 employees and 45,300 students, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the strongest technical universities in Europe in terms of research. People are at the center of our research and innovation agenda. Thus, in the sense of "human-centered engineering," our goal is to advance the linking of our classic strengths in the natural and technical sciences with the humanities and social sciences. TUM acts as an entrepreneurial university that promotes talent and creates added value for society. In doing so, we benefit from strong partners in science and business. More than 82,000 graduates have registered with TUM's international alumni network and support young academics and their TUM community through generation-linking programs. TUM is represented worldwide with a campus in Singapore and liaison offices in Brussels, Mumbai, Beijing, San Francisco and São Paulo. Nobel Prize winners and inventors such as Rudolf Diesel, Carl von Linde and Rudolf Mößbauer have conducted research at TUM. Our university is one of the first three universities of excellence in Germany and regularly ranks among the best German universities in international and national rankings. In the Global Employability Study 2020, TUM ranked 12th worldwide, making it the third best European university after Cambridge and Oxford. The companies' verdict shows that TUM optimally combines high scientific standards and practical relevance in the education of its students.


Alumni & Career

As a work area of the TUM Global & Alumni Office, Alumni & Career promotes mutual support and networking among members of the TUM network across disciplines, nationalities and generations. The TUM Network combines the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge of students, the creative spirit of graduates, and the life experience of alumni worldwide. Throughout the entire Student & Alumni Life Cycle, the members of the network are accompanied by comprehensive program and advisory services as well as Alumni & Career Services, and young academics are integrated into TUM and the TUM family in a sustainable and long-term manner. Members can stay in touch with each other via the online community and keep up to date with developments at TUM thanks to magazines and e-mail newsletters. In mentoring, job shadowing, and the Career Assistance Network, professionally experienced alumni engage with passion and empathy for young students and doctoral candidates and help shape the TUM community at home and abroad, anchoring it in business and society.



TUM Job and Internship Exchange

The TUM Job and Internship Exchange is a service offered by TUM to its students, doctoral candidates, graduates and all TUM members. Companies and institutions in Germany and abroad can publish their job offers for permanent positions, internships, trainee positions, doctoral positions and working student positions online here, which are aimed at young academics at TUM and its alumni. In addition, visitors are informed about TUM events on the topics of career entry and application.

The TUM Job and Internship Exchange was originally developed as an online portal by TUM students who volunteered as part of the IKOM career forum, and has been managed by Alumni & Career for several years. Take advantage of what IKOM has to offer and participate in career forums at TUM.


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